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Alwadi 2018

                                                             The Agricultural sector is in preparation for
                                                             Alwadi  Exhibition  in  Luxor  which  will  be
                                                             held in the period from 13- May 2018, as well
                                                             as our magazine. This event is a distinguish
                                                             mark  in  the  agricultural  market,  where  all
                                                             companies compete to take part in it.  This
                                                             success that lasted for many years encourage
                                                             planners and business leaders to hold another
                                                             version of the exhibition but in another place
                                                             with  whole  new  ideas  “ Alwadi  Exhibition
                                                             in Alex” which is planned to be hold in next
                                                             October in Borg ElArab. It is a first of a kind,
                                                             and it will be limited to traders, farm engineers
                                                             and consultants.
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