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Shams is the biggest monthly specialized agricultural magazine in the Middle East and North Africa since 1998. It covers different       aspects related to the agriculture fields. Shams works in specific scientific bases and targets to the enlightenment and guidance
    to the definition of all the new agriculture techniques in the Middle East and North Africa.

Shams consists of a considerable elite editing team that involves university Professors and researchers. Shams team has a deep          scientific and applied experience in all the agricultural fields. The scientific review of the published material is performed under          the supervision of honorary consultancy council includes specialized professors & respectable group of businessmen and ‗‗›     investors in the agricultural sector from different regions. Shams reaches those who are interested in different agricultural Fields     such as academies, studies, researchers, farmers, seed and pesticides Merchandise, trade agencies and distribution co., export     and import companies. Shams also targets those who work for agricultural institutions , associations , unions , Syndicates , ‗‗›     cooperative societies and governmental authorities in middle East and North Africa. The magazine is distributed in more than 17     Arab countries and it established its international reputation through sponsoring and participating in important events and     exhibitions like fruit logistica , macfrut, growtech and hortifair�etc.

Shams Main Topics:
- Fertilization. - Horticulture. - Pest control. - Vegetable & fruit production. - Irrigation systems. - Field crops production.
- Agricultural machinery & equipments. - Tissue culture techniques. - Green houses. - Nurseries. - Post harvest. - Packing
- Shipping. - Exporting.

About Shams media

shams media

Shams for media and publishing is a specialized media establishment that works on providing information and modern techniques related to different agricultural fields, it publishes the following:

1-Shams Magazine: it is an Arab scientific agricultural magazine comes out every month in both Arabic and English.

Shams News

Shams Magazine will be in Growtech &
Fresh business expo exhibitions:

Shams Magazine will participate in Growtech exhibitions (Antalya –Turkey ) from 30/11 to 3/12/2016 & fresh business expo ( Kiev- Ukraine) from 29/11 to 1/12/2016 . will distribute free editions in its stand and through the media stands that are all over the exhibition.


Our Partners

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